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What Is Attraction Sales And Marketing: Can It Help You Succeed Online?


Attraction marketing is a relative young term. There was a time when the hard sell was considered the best way to close a sale with a customer. In retail environments staff were trained to approach the customer as soon as they walked in, close the sale as quickly as possible and move them on to make space for the next hard sell. Some companies took this backwards approach to customer relationships and sales techniques right up until the late 90s. This kind of strategy has been used online in the form of hard sell copywriting and pushing messages that guilt people into buying something and other forms of upfront hard sell by pitching your product or service without giving any upfront value or demonstration of your expertise in any area. But things had to change because when it came down to it, people simply didn't want to be sold to anymore. We are all getting much more sophisticated and we wanted to make own minds up about what we want to buy and how we want to buy it - and in our own time and on their terms.


There was a very obvious shift that happened over the past decade or so in how sales processes worked, and that's how attraction marketing was born. Know more about some tech stuff at http://www.cnn.com.ph/TECH/ for tips on marketing.


The Birth of a new Paradigm


Now the first thing you need to do to begin the process of attraction marketing is building a relationship with the customer before you even meet them - you need to build that trust first, or the sales process simply won't work. As somebody once said you're better off having ten people wanting to come to your business than chasing one customer at a time all day long. So the only way to build that trust is to offer the customer value in advance in one form or another.


And the same is true on the Internet and successfully making sales online. You can't force people to come to your website, and even if you could, you can't force them to take a specific action and buy from you. You need to earn their trust first before they'll even consider buying anything from you. This was a big break through idea that social media played a big part in. Where it is Internet attraction marketing for MLM or a home business opportunity or simply offering your products and services online attraction marketing is the new buzz word in online sales success.


Give Massive Value


The most popular way to generate trust is to use the Internet attraction web copywriting strategy of gathering the client's email address by offering them a free report or software download that's relevant to what they are searching for on your site or blog.


From the customers perspective, you're offering something of value and not charging for it, therefore, you've earned some trust points with them. From a website owner's point of view, you now have both their email address and permission to contact them with further information so you've established a very basic trust-based relationship with that customer that could serve you for years to come.


For many current online businesses, Internet attraction marketing has become a cornerstone of their success. How so? Well even if their web hosting servers catch fire, their house burns down, and they lose all their data as long as they have their email list that they built with attraction marketing they can generate revenue pretty much forever.


The principles are the same, whether your run a brickin' mortar business or an online venture. You need to build trust with your customers before you can expect them to make a buying decision of any kind. And once you have their trust you pretty much have a loyal customer for life so remember that when you're creating your next marketing campaign or before you launch your new website. Know the formula cost here!